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UI/UX Design

UI is not all about how it looks, but rather how it works

The main goal of our UI/UX services is to bring design simple, elegant, clear and consistent. We fulfill the users expectations about content and navigation, with interactive and intuitive designs, that brings all that you need to get your goals accomplish.

Navigating to it is supposed to be as simple and predictable as possible and we can do that for an existing project or a new one made from scratch. If you need some advice about these topics we have highly skills designers who can point you to the right direction.

Normally we follow the next steps for our web projects:

UI/UX Design in Costa Rica

ToR (Terms of Reference)

As soon as a client contacts our sales team, we set up a meeting to discuss the client’s initial requirements for their project. We evaluate how the new website will help to get your goals or maximize the ROI of the project. Our initial interview is a formal process, it is the result of more than 500 web projects and we are always learning about new ways to study our clients needs in order to improve the results of the project, not just since a design perspective, but having a global vision of our clients organization goals.


The focus of this first stage is to analyze the business and its competitors in order to come up with the best strategy for the client’s campaign. We also carry out an initial SEO analysis to help us identify the market, current trends and, most importantly, ways to optimize the client’s website.

Personas / User Stories

Before beginning development on any project, we create user stories to capture what the user needs to do within the website. Typically, our developers get together with a customer representative to formulate the user stories. We use a series of questions to get the customer going, but ultimately the customer is responsible for the idea creation process.

Site Map

By creating a site map, we can provide the client with the general structure of their site, including how many and what kind of pages will be created and how these pages relate and link to each other.

Wireframe Development

We create wireframe diagrams to illustrate the general layout of each web page. Wireframes represent content, functional and navigational elements as they are displayed on the page. The use of simple shapes lets us focus on the information design first; to make sure it meets user needs, before moving on to the pretty pictures.

UI Design

Once the wireframes are set, our visual designers get started on the final design of the site. First, we design style tiles representing possible colors, imagery, its look and feel, as well as possible styles of what is being considered at this stage. Using this guide, we then create pixel-perfect user interfaces, supported by our quality assurance team.

The design is delivered to the customer, at which point they can approve the design or request changes, as long as the changes correspond to the initial requirements.

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